Qbil ERP Software

Qbil Software develops ERP software for trade and logistics in commodities, ingredients and additives. Our customers trade in oils and fats, milk and dairy ingredients, food, feed, grains & seeds, nuts & dried fruits, spices, tea, cocoa & coffee, plastics and chemical raw materials.

Our ERP software has really been developed from market demand. Specific to the industry of commodity trading. You will notice that you can start immediately with our ‘standard’ solution.

Qbil-Trade ERP software in short:

> Real-time insight into your positions: buying and selling, stocks and production

> Up-to-date business information including prices, margins and currency positions

> Risk management

> Fast and efficient handling of your trade and logistics processes

> Track & Tracing of all goods


The diagram on the right (click the image to enlarge) provides a good impression of the possibilities that Qbil-Trade effectively offers for the trading of your commodities, ingredients and additives.

Our ERP trading software offers a wide range of functions that are indispensable for your trade. Below we list the most important functionalities.

erp software processing scheme

Finally the solution …

A position list that is correct and reliable. No more fear of mistakes.

We are finally able to take better and larger positions in our purchases and sales. And from that we realize more profit.

A. van de Haar


A small change – is really a small change

With our previous package a small adjustment was quickly 2 hours extra work…. The handling of the calls and related documents (packing lists, delivery notes, transport, customs, Chamber of Commerce etc) is super easy and fast. Really great!

B. Eiffler

Back Office


With the position list you have direct and real-time insight into your purchases, sales, stocks and production. For now and tomorrow, but also for next week and next month. Your trading position is always clear. You can respond faster to market movements. And this will result in a healthy and profitable buying and selling policy.

Back Office & Logistics

Delivering the requested and available product at the desired time and right place is always a challenge. Managing the goods flows in the right direction is essential. Purchases, sales, deliveries, back-to-back and stock movements are clearly displayed in the planning of our erp software Qbil-Trade. You can see all planned goods movements at a glance.


Within our erp software Qbil-Trade the complete purchase and sales administration is entered: the processing of incoming and outgoing invoices. The processing of purchase invoices is fully automated by an excellent scanning and recognition solution including order matching. In addition, Qbil-Trade supports the reduction of financial risks by means of credit and position limits, integrated currency hedging on a contract basis, built-in checks and a personalized segregation of duties.

Accelerate Your Trade

With our ‘perfect fit’ ERP Software

Software Design

The design of our erp software is based on the latest UI developments, Google’s design language Material Design and Color Assignment but  especially on input and feedback from customers, our test panel, testers and our own insights.

Functions Software

It goes without saying that our ERP software has all the tools a trading company needs in raw materials and ingredients!

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