SIMAC, new Qbil Partner

SIMAC, new Qbil Partner

Simac Document Solutions is our new partner for scanning and recognizing incoming invoices. And the partnership between Qbil and Simac has been confirmed: the solution is currently implemented at the first joint customer Nutland.

Qbil and Simac about the benefits of this partnership

Mark Ellis (Financial ERP Consultant Qbil Software):

“Thanks to the partnership with Simac, we can now offer our customers a solution for scanning & recognizing incoming invoices that is seamlessly linked to our Qbil-Trade® ERP system. An investment that earns itself back quickly: in addition to saving time, there is also less risk of making mistakes, the loss of invoices and real-time insight into the status of your invoices. Either more overview and control. “

Dico Harteman (Sales Manager Simac):

“This invoice processing solution offers Qbil’s customers the opportunity to use a cloud solution that automatically recognizes at least 80% for paper, PDF or XML invoices. This usually results in a time saving of at least 40-70%. “

BREXIT: with good preparation, fewer risks

BREXIT: with good preparation, fewer risks

Newspapers, news apps, TV journals … none where it’s NOT about the Brexit lately: will it be a hard Brexit? Will there be any postponement, adjustment or a transitional period? Nobody knows what will happen after March 29 And not surprisingly: we do not know either.

It is certain that things will change, what the agreements between the EU and the United Kingdom (UK) will be. Our software can support you with the preparation for the different Brexit scenarios and to limit the expected extra handling to a minimum. The better you prepare for the various scenarios, the less risk your business will run.

Customs handling: Export module
If no trade agreements are made between the EU and the UK, the UK will become a so-called ‘third country’, comparable with countries such as Morocco, the USA, China and Australia. Customs declarations thus become part of your import and export to and from the UK. Our export module can be integrated with customs declaration software, but also with the Chamber of Commerce for the certification or legalization of various export documents such as origin documents. A handy checklist ensures that you do not overlook anything and that additional costs are registrated correctly.

Currency risks Currency hedging
With the upcoming Brexit there is the possibility that exchange rates will fluctuate. Naturally, the Brexit has already been taken into account in the current rate but with the surprising moods fluctuations can occur that have not yet been taken into account or go against expectations. If you buy or sell in foreign currency, it is wise to hedge these expenses. Qbil-Trade can support you perfectly with the currency hedging module. This gives you a clear overview of contracts where you still run a risk. And by means of a number of simple clicks you record the agreements you made with the bank.

Warehouse in the UK? | Extra operating company
Would you rather not depend on the handling at the border? And deliver quickly and on time? Perhaps you are considering to build a warehouse or distribution center in the UK? For direct insight and good management of external stock and locations, we have several good solutions. Contact Hikmet Once at +31 318 50 20 26 for more information.

Discuss in advance with your customers or suppliers who will be responsible for which part of the import or export later on. See if you need to adjust your delivery terms & conditions accordingly.

More information? Call us at +31 318 50 20 26 or email us at