Hide columns & Dropdown in planning

Hide columns & Dropdown in planning

Hide / show columns in search screens 

With the next update, the hide / show columns feature in search screens will become available. As not all information in the search screens (list views) is equally relevant for everyone.

With the “EDIT” button you can hide information that is not relevant to you 😉 and save this setting (per user). With the “RESET” button you can easily undo everything again.

Dropdown in planning of contracts

Very annoying those so-called “in-scroll screens”. Sometimes it is inevitable but the “in-scroll” in the contract planning has been overhauled.

By default the first 3 months are shown and with a click on ▼ the dropdown displays the complete schedule. With the ▲ you ‘fold’ the planning again.

*) click on image for enlargement

Themes in our ERP software

Themes in our ERP software


In addition to the bright white ‘day’ theme, two other color themes are now available and selectable: the ‘twilight’ and the ‘night’ theme. The twilight theme lends itself perfectly well in environments where the light is not so bright or in… twilight. The ‘night’ theme speaks for itself, we think ?: ideal for use at night or in dark rooms. You can find the themes in the settings menu (top right corner in QT). 


In addition to the request to be able to use themes in Qbil-Trade (including a “twilight” and “night” position), we have also listened to you with regard to the possibility of adjusting the font size. This option is also available from now on and can be found in the settings menu.

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