Alpha Group chooses Qbil Trade

Alpha Group chooses Qbil Trade

Alpha Group is an international supplier of dairy and non-dairy products such as milk powders, cheeses, butter and eggs. After an extensive selection, the choice fell on Qbil Trade. Currently we are working hard implementing the new software.

How to in the Corona era?

Mark Ellis: ‘Everything goes online now. We consult through Zoom meetings and can therefore also share and clarify screens. In fact, it is more flexible and efficient than meeting face-to-face. You can meet more frequently, have a quick consultation in between and it also saves a lot of travel time. Actually, it is not that bad at all, this way.

“With online meetings you can meet more frequently and have a quick consultation in between.”

‘But of course it remains different than meeting each other in person. But it is what it is, right now. Anyway, we do our utmost to ensure a smooth implementation and a nice and long-term cooperation!’