Email attachments to Qbil-Trade

Email attachments to Qbil-Trade

Now Live: It is now possible to e-mail attachments directly to Qbil-Trade to add these to a contract, order or contact.

All you have to do is to send these attachments with your own e-mail account to Qbil-Trade:


If your business is hijacked by ransomware

If your business is hijacked by ransomware

A lot in the news these days. Several companies affected by a ransomware attack. Malicious persons gain access to the IT systems of companies and only by paying a ransom can the systems be released again. A drama for the affected companies with an enormous impact on both financial and personal level.


How well is Qbil-Trade protected against such an attack?


Unfortunately, there is no panacea for these types of attacks. Naturally, we protect our servers and software with a solid defense system against both ransomware and malware. The security of the data within Qbil-Trade® is a continuous point of attention. From design and development to implementation of new parts. Operating system and application updates are implemented immediately. New developments, insights and technological progress force us to constantly adapt our settings.

A document has been prepared for our customers who want more information about our security measures. This document is only provided on request to authorized persons (management). Please contact Mark Ellis:

Complaint registration in Qbil-Trade (new)

Complaint registration in Qbil-Trade (new)

Complaints registration in Qbil-Trade

Sometimes things go wrong: a rejected batch, wrong quantity, documents that are not in order … Whether it is up to your company or your supplier, it is important that the problem is solved and that it becomes clear where things go wrong.

That is why it is now possible to register complaints regarding an order in the Qbil Trade orders ‘on call’ screen. In a separate tab you can fill in a complaint form. Here you can indicate what the complaint relates to, the value and the person responsible. You can also add documents or photos. And give the complaint a status: pending or solved.

You can see the registered complaints in a report. This gives you a quick insight into what can be improved or how complaint situations can be prevented in the future.

The complaint registration module is a configuration option and is not activated by default. The module is free of charge. Contact our support department by email: to activate this module.


Interested? Then contact us at

Corona virus: we continue to work for you

Corona virus: we continue to work for you

Many of our customers make an important contribution to our food chain, making them one of the ‘crucial professions that must keep society running’. Without you … no food. We are well aware of this. We do our utmost to continue to support and help you.

However, in response to the recommended measures regarding the coronavirus, we have some notices and measures:

Qbil-Trade & working from home

  • Qbil-Trade simply works from home.
  • If you do not remember your password, you are requested to contact the key user of your company. He or she can create a new password for you. If this is not successful, send an email to Note: we do not provide passwords by phone!
  • Do you have other problems logging in? Mail to

Other support questions:

We kindly request you to send us your support questions as much as possible via email, This way you will be helped the fastest.

Our services:

  • Our office in the Netherlands is open to a limited extent. We all work from home. We can be reached by telephone via our general number and e-mail
  • It is currently very busy. If you take longer waiting times into account, send your support questions to General questions can be sent to
  • All appointments, meetings and demonstrations preferably take place by telephone or online. Face to face meetings only if the 1.5 meter distance can be guaranteed.

The above measures apply until further notice. We follow the advice of RIVM (Dutch National Institute for Health and Environment) and the Dutch government. Changes will be communicated on this website. We assume that we have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions, please let us know. Send a message to

Alpha Group chooses Qbil Trade

Alpha Group chooses Qbil Trade

Alpha Group is an international supplier of dairy and non-dairy products such as milk powders, cheeses, butter and eggs. After an extensive selection, the choice fell on Qbil Trade. Currently we are working hard implementing the new software.

How to in the Corona era?

Mark Ellis: ‘Everything goes online now. We consult through Zoom meetings and can therefore also share and clarify screens. In fact, it is more flexible and efficient than meeting face-to-face. You can meet more frequently, have a quick consultation in between and it also saves a lot of travel time. Actually, it is not that bad at all, this way.

“With online meetings you can meet more frequently and have a quick consultation in between.”

‘But of course it remains different than meeting each other in person. But it is what it is, right now. Anyway, we do our utmost to ensure a smooth implementation and a nice and long-term cooperation!’


New Managing Director Qbil Software

New Managing Director Qbil Software

Mark Ellis has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Qbil Software. He takes over the daily management from our owner Hikmet Önce. As commercial director, Hikmet will focus on what matters most to him: sales and business development.

Qbil is currently growing fast. And that is in line with our plans and ambition,” says Hikmet Önce. “To anticipate future market developments and to be ready to realize our ambitions in the coming years, we have decided to renew the organizational structure.”

Hikmet continues: “In his role as ERP consultant, Mark has made a strong contribution to the development of Qbil in recent years. He has a strong profile in the field of finance, process integration and change management. He is therefore a “perfect fit” with what Qbil needs to take our services to the next level in the coming years. “

Mark Ellis responds enthusiastically to the new challenge: “In recent years, we have been able to further expand Qbil into a serious player in the field of ERP commodity trade software. Among other things due to a strong customer focus and high involvement of all employees. I look forward to further professionalising the organization and to be able to contribute to the further growth of Qbil. I especially hope to be able to exceed the expectations of our customers. ”




Qbil Software B.V. is a software company for the development of ERP software for trade and logistics in soft commodities, ingredients and additives. Qbil’s clients trade among other things in oils and fats, milk and dairy ingredients, foodstuffs, animal feed, grains & seeds, nuts & dried fruits, spices, tea, cocoa & coffee, plastics and chemical raw materials.

The company has 3 branches: Veenendaal (Benelux), New Zealand and India (Bangalore and Srinagar). The company has 26 employees.