Qbil-Trade Knowledge Base

Qbil-Trade Knowledge Base

Manuals, frequently asked questions and tip & tricks for using Qbil-Trade.

For all your questions you can now consult our knowledge base. From onboarding and troubleshooting to general instruction and support questions. You can find the knowledge base in the settings menu (the three-dotted menu or also called kebab menu) at the top right of Qbil-Trade.

The Knowledge base is currently divided into three sections:

  • Getting started
  • FAQ
  • Tips & Tricks

The broad lines of the software have now been described and that is why we have decided to put the knowledge base live now. In the meantime, we will continue to complete and expand the knowledge base.

The knowledge base is currently only available in English. Translations into Dutch, German, French & Spanish will follow as soon as possible.

Tip: translate the page via your Google Chrome browser:

You can have the Knowledge base pages translated in the Google Chrome web browser.

  • Make sure to open the Knowledge page via your Google Chrome browser
  • Click Translate at the top (see image below)
  • Chrome now translates the web page once.

Marketplace for dairy ingredients

Marketplace for dairy ingredients

ACCELERATE YOUR TRADE with the Qbil-Trade Dairy Market Place.

A marketplace within our Qbil-Trade software that brings dairy buyers and sellers together. Exclusively for Qbil Software customers.

Qbil-Trade Dairy Market place is mainly characterized by its low-threshold character. You can easily place an advertisement. Think of quickly offering a lot or putting out a question. It doesn’t get faster and easier than with the Dairy marketplace from Qbil-Trade.

Interested? Or do you want to receive our brochure? Call or email us: +31 (0) 318 502026 or info@qbil.nl

Closure during holidays

Closure during holidays

We are limited available or closed during the upcoming (Dutch) holidays.

Second Easter Day Monday 18 April closed
King’s Day Wednesday 27 April closed
Ascension Day Thursday 26 May closed
day after Ascension Day Friday 27 May limited available*
Pentecost/White Monday Monday 06 June closed

*) On these days we are only available for emergency situations; the less urgent matters will be picked up again the next working day.

If you encounter problems that require immediate attention you can email us at support@qbil.nl.This e-mail inbox will be monitored during office hours. Please add to the subject of the e-mail the wording ‘URGENT’ so that it is clear that it needs to be picked up immediately.

Office in Alkmaar

Office in Alkmaar

Since December we also have an office in Alkmaar. Mark and sometimes a colleague from Veenendaal work from here. Some of our clients are located in the west of the country, so this base is very convenient. Are you by any chance nearby? Feel free to come by! The coffee is ready.


Qbil Software | De Kaaz
Marterkoog 7b
1822 BK Alkmaar

Flabbergasting fast web reports

Flabbergasting fast web reports

We’ve added some extra power to our software! Flabbergasting fast web reports.

Surprisingly easy

You can customize the reports the way you want. Such as selecting which data you want to see, dragging and hiding columns. And you can create tables, diagrams and graphs in no time!
Compiled a beautiful report and do you want to use it more often? Then you save the report in Qbil-Trade. Ready for next time.

Mac & Windows proof

The web reports are perfectly displayed on both a Windows and MAC environment. You can export the reports to Excel or CSV. Handy, right?

For more information, please contact our support department.