Closure during holidays

Closure during holidays

We are limited available or closed during the upcoming (Dutch) holidays.

Second Easter Day Monday 18 April closed
King’s Day Wednesday 27 April closed
Ascension Day Thursday 26 May closed
day after Ascension Day Friday 27 May limited available*
Pentecost/White Monday Monday 06 June closed

*) On these days we are only available for emergency situations; the less urgent matters will be picked up again the next working day.

If you encounter problems that require immediate attention you can email us at e-mail inbox will be monitored during office hours. Please add to the subject of the e-mail the wording ‘URGENT’ so that it is clear that it needs to be picked up immediately.

Office in Alkmaar

Office in Alkmaar

Since December we also have an office in Alkmaar. Mark and sometimes a colleague from Veenendaal work from here. Some of our clients are located in the west of the country, so this base is very convenient. Are you by any chance nearby? Feel free to come by! The coffee is ready.


Qbil Software | De Kaaz
Marterkoog 7b
1822 BK Alkmaar

Flabbergasting fast web reports

Flabbergasting fast web reports

We’ve added some extra power to our software! Flabbergasting fast web reports.

Surprisingly easy

You can customize the reports the way you want. Such as selecting which data you want to see, dragging and hiding columns. And you can create tables, diagrams and graphs in no time!
Compiled a beautiful report and do you want to use it more often? Then you save the report in Qbil-Trade. Ready for next time.

Mac & Windows proof

The web reports are perfectly displayed on both a Windows and MAC environment. You can export the reports to Excel or CSV. Handy, right?

For more information, please contact our support department.



On January 19 there is a workshop for all our users. This workshop will be in Dutch. A separate English-language workshop is organized for our foreign-language users. If interested, they can send an email to: and then we will set a date.

The program is as follows:


Especially for our users

During this workshop you will receive a presentation and explanation about the new functionalities that we have added to Qbil-Trade.


  • Presentation & explanation new functionalities Qbil-Trade
    • Order Screen
    • Reporting
    • Previews & Layouts *


*) During the workshop we give a short global explanation about the working of the document designer. The Ins & Outs of the document designer are given through a separate (free) training, on request.

If you would like to join the English-language workshop please send an email to: 

If you want to join the Dutch Workshop please register here:

Design your own documents

Design your own documents

Design your own documents

The new Document Designer Tool allows users to design the layout (template) of their own documents. A contract, a packing list or consignment note, you name it. You design a template and the data from Qbil-Trade is merged into it later.

The Document Designer is located in the settings menu of our software Qbil-Trade. Some explanation in advance is required. We offer free online training for our users. They can contact us for this. Then we immediately set a date and time.

If your business is hijacked by ransomware

If your business is hijacked by ransomware

A lot in the news these days. Several companies affected by a ransomware attack. Malicious persons gain access to the IT systems of companies and only by paying a ransom can the systems be released again. A drama for the affected companies with an enormous impact on both financial and personal level.


How well is Qbil-Trade protected against such an attack?


Unfortunately, there is no panacea for these types of attacks. Naturally, we protect our servers and software with a solid defense system against both ransomware and malware. The security of the data within Qbil-Trade® is a continuous point of attention. From design and development to implementation of new parts. Operating system and application updates are implemented immediately. New developments, insights and technological progress force us to constantly adapt our settings.

A document has been prepared for our customers who want more information about our security measures. This document is only provided on request to authorized persons (management). Please contact Mark Ellis: