Qbil-Trade Knowledge Base

Qbil-Trade Knowledge Base

Manuals, frequently asked questions and tip & tricks for using Qbil-Trade.

For all your questions you can now consult our knowledge base. From onboarding and troubleshooting to general instruction and support questions. You can find the knowledge base in the settings menu (the three-dotted menu or also called kebab menu) at the top right of Qbil-Trade.

The Knowledge base is currently divided into three sections:

  • Getting started
  • FAQ
  • Tips & Tricks

The broad lines of the software have now been described and that is why we have decided to put the knowledge base live now. In the meantime, we will continue to complete and expand the knowledge base.

The knowledge base is currently only available in English. Translations into Dutch, German, French & Spanish will follow as soon as possible.

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If your business is hijacked by ransomware

If your business is hijacked by ransomware

A lot in the news these days. Several companies affected by a ransomware attack. Malicious persons gain access to the IT systems of companies and only by paying a ransom can the systems be released again. A drama for the affected companies with an enormous impact on both financial and personal level.


How well is Qbil-Trade protected against such an attack?


Unfortunately, there is no panacea for these types of attacks. Naturally, we protect our servers and software with a solid defense system against both ransomware and malware. The security of the data within Qbil-Trade® is a continuous point of attention. From design and development to implementation of new parts. Operating system and application updates are implemented immediately. New developments, insights and technological progress force us to constantly adapt our settings.

A document has been prepared for our customers who want more information about our security measures. This document is only provided on request to authorized persons (management). Please contact Mark Ellis: mark@qbil.nl

Complaint registration in Qbil-Trade (new)

Complaint registration in Qbil-Trade (new)

Complaints registration in Qbil-Trade

Sometimes things go wrong: a rejected batch, wrong quantity, documents that are not in order … Whether it is up to your company or your supplier, it is important that the problem is solved and that it becomes clear where things go wrong.

That is why it is now possible to register complaints regarding an order in the Qbil Trade orders ‘on call’ screen. In a separate tab you can fill in a complaint form. Here you can indicate what the complaint relates to, the value and the person responsible. You can also add documents or photos. And give the complaint a status: pending or solved.

You can see the registered complaints in a report. This gives you a quick insight into what can be improved or how complaint situations can be prevented in the future.

The complaint registration module is a configuration option and is not activated by default. The module is free of charge. Contact our support department by email: support@qbil.nl to activate this module.


Interested? Then contact us at support@qbil.nl

Complaint registration in Qbil-Trade (new)

Hide columns & Dropdown in planning

Hide / show columns in search screens 

With the next update, the hide / show columns feature in search screens will become available. As not all information in the search screens (list views) is equally relevant for everyone.

With the “EDIT” button you can hide information that is not relevant to you 😉 and save this setting (per user). With the “RESET” button you can easily undo everything again.

Dropdown in planning of contracts

Very annoying those so-called “in-scroll screens”. Sometimes it is inevitable but the “in-scroll” in the contract planning has been overhauled.

By default the first 3 months are shown and with a click on ▼ the dropdown displays the complete schedule. With the ▲ you ‘fold’ the planning again.

*) click on image for enlargement

Themes in our ERP software

Themes in our ERP software


In addition to the bright white ‘day’ theme, two other color themes are now available and selectable: the ‘twilight’ and the ‘night’ theme. The twilight theme lends itself perfectly well in environments where the light is not so bright or in… twilight. The ‘night’ theme speaks for itself, we think ?: ideal for use at night or in dark rooms. You can find the themes in the settings menu (top right corner in QT). 


In addition to the request to be able to use themes in Qbil-Trade (including a “twilight” and “night” position), we have also listened to you with regard to the possibility of adjusting the font size. This option is also available from now on and can be found in the settings menu.

Do you want to know more? Contact us by telephone on 0318 – 50 20 26 or send an email to info@qbil.nl