Outlook add-in for Qbil Trade

Outlook add-in for Qbil Trade

When you receive documents from customers or suppliers by email, you may want to store them together with the relevant contracts or orders. With the help of the new Qbil Trade Outlook add-in, documents can be saved directly from Outlook to Qbil Trade.

  • With the add-in you can easily select the documents and save them directly in Outlook in Qbil Trade
  • The Qbil-Trade add-in makes smart suggestions where the new file should be saved.
  • The add-in has been developed to save documents with an ongoing contract or order. But it is of course also possible to store documents with a relation account.

Are you interested in our add-in? Please feel free to contact us by phone at +31 (0)318 50 20 26 or email at sales@qbil.nl. We are happy to tell you more about this feature. 

SIMAC, new Qbil Partner

SIMAC, new Qbil Partner

Simac Document Solutions is our new partner for scanning and recognizing incoming invoices. And the partnership between Qbil and Simac has been confirmed: the solution is currently implemented at the first joint customer Nutland.

Qbil and Simac about the benefits of this partnership

Mark Ellis (Financial ERP Consultant Qbil Software):

“Thanks to the partnership with Simac, we can now offer our customers a solution for scanning & recognizing incoming invoices that is seamlessly linked to our Qbil-Trade® ERP system. An investment that earns itself back quickly: in addition to saving time, there is also less risk of making mistakes, the loss of invoices and real-time insight into the status of your invoices. Either more overview and control. “

Dico Harteman (Sales Manager Simac):

“This invoice processing solution offers Qbil’s customers the opportunity to use a cloud solution that automatically recognizes at least 80% for paper, PDF or XML invoices. This usually results in a time saving of at least 40-70%. “

New colleagues

Since early June, Marcel van Meenen has been working for us in the position of Customer Support Engineer. Initially, Marcel focussed on getting to know our software and various tools. But from now he is fully involved in the team of Chris and Tajamul.

After a half year internship at Qbil, we didn’t want to lose him. HBO software engineering student, Stijn Leskens, started the last year of his study in September, but has also been working at Qbil for one day a week since then.

Since September, Zaid Saddiki, MBO application development, is doing an internship at Qbil. Zaid will stay until February 2019.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will apply as of 25 May 2018. This means that from that date onwards, the same privacy legislation applies throughout the European Union (EU). This law replaces current local law regarding Personal Data Protection and imposes stricter requirements on the way in which personal data are processed.

GDPR in short

Companies should have a legal basis for processing personal data. As a company you cannot just save data or use it in the way you wish for. In addition, personal data may not be kept longer than necessary for the purpose of the processing. GDPR therefore brings new obligations for companies., such as:

Most companies will have to modify their privacy statement. The privacy statement should at least includes the following:

  • Company details, contact information
  • Data Protection Officer of your company
  • Personal data your company processes
  • Whether you process special and / or sensitive personal data
  • For what purpose and on what basis you process personal data
  • How long personal data is stored
  • Sharing personal data with third parties
  • Cookies, or similar techniques, that you use
  • To view, modify or delete data
  • How personal data is protected

In order to store personal data, you need permission from the person in question. And you have to record this permission! And note: this applies to both digital and offline communication. Customers are an exception. For example when you send a digital newsletter to your customers, you do not need explicit permission from your customers. However, you are obliged to ensure that customers can easily unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Persons whose data you process have the right of access, modify and delete their personal data.

Next to that you are obliged to conclude a data processing agreement with all companies that process personal data for you You as a customer of Qbil must also conclude a data processing agreement with Qbil. After all, personal data is processed in our software Qbil-Trade®. We come back to this later in this newsletter.

In the event of a data breach, the Dutch Data Protection Authority needs to be notified immediately.

Do you fully comply with the GDPR?

Do you still not fully comply with the AVG? Or do you not know exactly what you still have to do?
This site tells you step by step what you still need to do to comply with the AVG law:


And on this site you can easily generate a privacy statement:


German: https://dsgvo-muster-datenschutzerklaerung.dg-datenschutz.de/?lang=en


What about Qbil Software & GDPR?

What have we done so far?

  • We have extended and modified our privacy statement. You can find these on our website and in the news overview of Qbil-Trade®.
  • We have drawn up a data leaks protocol. This protocol is part of the data processing agreement that we will send you this week.
  • We have a register for documenting any personal data leaks.
  • We have concluded a data processing agreement with all our suppliers that process personal data for us. For example with Google Analytics, MailChimp, hosting companies but also with our accounting software supplier and the company that processes our payroll administration.
  • We have compiled a record of processing activities

Data Processing Agreement (DPA)? What is that?

Our Qbil-Trade® software processes personal data for contracts, deliveries and invoicing etc. We are therefore a processor of personal data that you are responsible for. We are obliged to conclude a data processing agreement with you that specifies how we handle personal data. The agreement offers guarantees that the protection of the rights of persons is guaranteed.

The main contact persons known to us will receive the data processing agreement this week from Hikmet Once through e-mail.

Questions about GDPR?

Do you have any questions? You can contact Martine van den Berg by phone on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at +31 (0) 318 50 20 26.



Best of Breed: Why Qbil Trade is a better choice for your trade.

Why prefer Best of Breed rather than an integrated system with accounting?

Do you choose software with as many functionalities as possible or do you choose the solution that best fits your business processes? More and more companies are opting for the latter. Either a ‘best of breed’ solution instead of a fully integrated system.

Many integrated systems started as accounting software and from there developed into ERP software. This software determines your business processes and forces your organization into a straightjacket. In the long run, that often squeezes ……

With a best-of-breed solution, the business and business processes of an organization are the basis … a completely different starting position and therefore, the name says it all ? , often the better solution in terms of flexibility and functionality.

Do you recognize this situation?

You quickly need to adjust an order. However, the order is already ‘in progress’ in your ERP system. You cannot add more lines to the order but above all: you cannot change the quantities. You need to reverse the complete order – this will take you at least an hour or more …

A new implementation is an extra rewarding task if the customer abandons an integrated system. An efficiency increase of up to 130% (!) is no exception.

Through the separation a change, addition or correction is quickly made. You are ready with a few mouse clicks. Reversing a mutation within an integrated system requires more actions, time and effort ….

And the advantages of an integrated system? Our intelligent interfaces with the best accounting systems on the market ensure that you do not have to enter anything twice and also have the right information in Qbil-Trade. The simple export functionality of Qbil-Trade® ensures that the financial facts from Qbil-Trade® get into your accounting software. Smoothly. The data will only be exported to the accounting software as soon as the purchase invoice is received, or when the sales invoice has been sent.

In this way there is a clear line between your trade and accounting without duplicate entries. This saves time and effort.

“As a trader, I do not get my targets because I am wasting my time with asking permissions whether I can change my contracts or call orders. Without this flexibility, I am limited in my job “.

User integrated ERP system 

Small adjustment meant at least 2 hours of extra work

I worked at the export department of an international company. We exported chemical raw materials all over the world. We worked with a well-known and large ERP system.

If one of our order pickers, of course just before shipping, could not find a barrel of a certain batch number … ..and that was often the case … that was a tragedy. Hours of extra work: reversing everything, crediting, preparing new documents… What a stress!

With Qbil-Trade software such a small change is also really a small change. As easy as pie 😉

The advantages of your choice for Qbil Trade, best of breed

Within Qbil-Trade® you can monitor and manage the credit limits and position limits, book purchase invoices in which the general ledger account number and VAT code will immediately be selected, creating invoices and credit notes, accounts receivable and payable management and automatically submit the intracommunity declaration (CBS-IDEP). For each relationship several VAT numbers are selectable.

In addition to the sales and purchase invoices, it is also possible to export contact information into your accounting system, including creditor and debtor numbers used in your accounting system.

The credit and position limits and our currency hedging module communicate vice versa with your accounting software.

The advantages:

  • You save a lot of time
  • Maximum flexibility
  • User Friendly
  • No double entry
  • Risk of errors in data entry is minimized


New team members

New team members

Through the strong growth of various projects and our customer base and further expansion of our software we have strengthened our organization with two new colleagues.

We would like to introduce them: Mark Ellis and Aron Wouters.

Mark is an experienced financial consultant and, in addition to working experience at KPMG and Flynth, has gained many years of experience as a financial controller at Royal Ingredients, a trading company for raw materials and ingredients in the food and non-food industry. At Royal Ingredients, he gained a lot of experience with Qbil-Trade®.

As financial ERP consultant, Mark will, in particular, contribute to the further professionalization of Qbil and to the improvement of our services. We think our customers can benefit from his extensive knowledge and experience in Finance and Qbil-Trade®.

Aron is a software developer with a lot of experience in software architecture. As a full stack developer, Aron will strengthen our software team. Initially, he will focus on getting to know our software. Then he will deal with the improvement and further development of Qbil-Trade®.