Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two factor authentication (2FA) is an authentication method where you have to successfully complete two steps to log in somewhere. From now on it is possible to use 2FA to log in to Qbil-Trade.

By using two-factor authentication, a malicious person who holds your password cannot access Qbil-Trade. This is because in addition to your username and password, your smartphone is also required to log in.

On the user page we added a button to activate 2FA.


  • First of all, download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone
  • Go to Qbil-Trade. Via the menu at the top right click on “account” and go to your user page.
  • Click on the button “activate Two Factor Authentication”
  • You will be asked if you are sure you want to activate it.
  • Clicking OK will display the QR code you need to scan with your phone in the Google authenticator app.
  • Scan the QR code in Google authenticator.
  • Now that the 2FA has been successfully turned on, a green check mark will appear on the user account screen.
  • Once 2FA is enabled and the user logs back in with username and password, the user is asked for the code in the Google Authenticator app.
  •  If the user wants to deactivate 2fa, go to the user account page and click the button “deactivation two factor authentication”
  • Click OK and the 2fa is deactivated


The 2FA function is available to everyone and is free of charge. We advise to make company policy that everyone uses 2FA. If someone leaves the company, the account can still be deactivated by the administrator, as is the case now.

Upcoming memorials and holidays

Upcoming memorials and holidays

We are limited available or closed during the upcoming memorials and holidays.

Monday May 4th – limited available *
Tuesday 5th May Liberation Day – closed
Thursday 21st May Ascension Day – closed
Friday May 22nd – limited available*
Monday 1st June Whit Monday – closed

*) On these days we are only available for emergency situations; the less urgent matters will be picked up again the next working day. Wednesday May 6th and Monday May 25th.

If you encounter problems that require immediate attention, you can email us at This email inbox will be monitored during office hours. Please start the subject of the e-mail with URGENT so that it is clear that it must be picked up immediately.

Corona virus: we continue to work for you

Many of our customers make an important contribution to our food chain, making them one of the ‘crucial professions that must keep society running’. Without you … no food. We are well aware of this. We do our utmost to continue to support and help you.

However, in response to the recommended measures regarding the coronavirus, we have some notices and measures:

Qbil-Trade & working from home

  • Qbil-Trade simply works from home.
  • If you do not remember your password, you are requested to contact the key user of your company. He or she can create a new password for you. If this is not successful, send an email to Note: we do not provide passwords by phone!
  • Do you have other problems logging in? Mail to

Other support questions:

We kindly request you to send us your support questions as much as possible via email, This way you will be helped the fastest.

Our services:

  • Our office in the Netherlands is physically closed. We all work from home. We can be reached by telephone via our general number and e-mail
  • It is currently very busy. If you take longer waiting times into account, send your support questions to General questions can be sent to
  • All appointments and meetings are canceled during this period. Where possible, these take place by telephone or webinar

The above measures are valid until April 28. After April 28, the government’s further advice is reviewed and changes are communicated. We assume that we have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions, please let us know. Send a message to

Outlook add-in for Qbil Trade

Outlook add-in for Qbil Trade

When you receive documents from customers or suppliers by email, you may want to store them together with the relevant contracts or orders. With the help of the new Qbil Trade Outlook add-in, documents can be saved directly from Outlook to Qbil Trade.

  • With the add-in you can easily select the documents and save them directly in Outlook in Qbil Trade
  • The Qbil-Trade add-in makes smart suggestions where the new file should be saved.
  • The add-in has been developed to save documents with an ongoing contract or order. But it is of course also possible to store documents with a relation account.

Are you interested in our add-in? Please feel free to contact us by phone at +31 (0)318 50 20 26 or email at We are happy to tell you more about this feature. 

SIMAC, new Qbil Partner

SIMAC, new Qbil Partner

Simac Document Solutions is our new partner for scanning and recognizing incoming invoices. And the partnership between Qbil and Simac has been confirmed: the solution is currently implemented at the first joint customer Nutland.

Qbil and Simac about the benefits of this partnership

Mark Ellis (Financial ERP Consultant Qbil Software):

“Thanks to the partnership with Simac, we can now offer our customers a solution for scanning & recognizing incoming invoices that is seamlessly linked to our Qbil-Trade® ERP system. An investment that earns itself back quickly: in addition to saving time, there is also less risk of making mistakes, the loss of invoices and real-time insight into the status of your invoices. Either more overview and control. “

Dico Harteman (Sales Manager Simac):

“This invoice processing solution offers Qbil’s customers the opportunity to use a cloud solution that automatically recognizes at least 80% for paper, PDF or XML invoices. This usually results in a time saving of at least 40-70%. “

New colleagues

Since early June, Marcel van Meenen has been working for us in the position of Customer Support Engineer. Initially, Marcel focussed on getting to know our software and various tools. But from now he is fully involved in the team of Chris and Tajamul.

After a half year internship at Qbil, we didn’t want to lose him. HBO software engineering student, Stijn Leskens, started the last year of his study in September, but has also been working at Qbil for one day a week since then.

Since September, Zaid Saddiki, MBO application development, is doing an internship at Qbil. Zaid will stay until February 2019.