Complaints registration in Qbil-Trade

Sometimes things go wrong: a rejected batch, wrong quantity, documents that are not in order … Whether it is up to your company or your supplier, it is important that the problem is solved and that it becomes clear where things go wrong.

That is why it is now possible to register complaints regarding an order in the Qbil Trade orders ‘on call’ screen. In a separate tab you can fill in a complaint form. Here you can indicate what the complaint relates to, the value and the person responsible. You can also add documents or photos. And give the complaint a status: pending or solved.

You can see the registered complaints in a report. This gives you a quick insight into what can be improved or how complaint situations can be prevented in the future.

The complaint registration module is a configuration option and is not activated by default. The module is free of charge. Contact our support department by email: to activate this module.


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