The design of our Software


The design of our software is based on the latest UI developments, Google’s design language Material Design and Color Assignment but especially on input and feedback from customers, our test panel, testers and our own insights.

At Qbil we work with our software ourselves too. A perfect way to detect errors and to continually test and improve the functionality of our software.

More user-friendly, better overview and fewer clicks

With the feedback from our customers, our software and design are being further optimized and developed.

Software Design


The clear white in combination with the Nile blue creates a fresh but also quiet appearance. And the modern and well readable font contributes to a better overview. In addition to the bright ‘day’ theme, other color themes can be selected, including a ‘twilight’ and a ‘night’ theme.

The ‘twilight’ theme lends itself perfectly well in environments where the light is not so bright or in twilight ?. The ‘night’ theme is ideal for use at night or in dark rooms.


The vertical fold-out menu can be clicked away, but also pinned down. Especially for the user who wants to focus on screen content and less frequently needs to access other navigation destinations.


With a click on the + button you can directly create a contract or order from the list overviews.


From the settings menu you can quickly adjust your settings such as language, themes, account information, administrator access, support and logout.


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