ERP commodity software for the trade in Coffee, Tea and Cocoa


These three popular commodities are often mentioned in the same breath. Whatever matches are the price factors that influence the price of coffee, cocoa or tea. Such as the quality of the (green) coffee beans or the tea (blend), the delivery time, but also the climate conditions and political situation in the country of origin. In addition, coffee and cocoa are traded on the same futures & options Exchanges.

But in addition to the similarities, there are also enough differences. In that regard, they are really stand-alone commercial products. Each has its own specific characteristics, processes, processes and various packaging.

Our ERP trade software naturally takes this into account. We are happy to tell you more about it.

ERP Trade software for green Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

Generically, our ERP software offers traders in coffee, tea or cocoa the following:



A real-time position list shows your trading positions exactly. In one overview you can see your stocks and planned purchases and sales. For today but also for tomorrow, next week and next month.



• Currency hedging
• Coffee & Cocoa hedging

For futures trading with lots in cocoa and coffee on the futures exchanges in London (EuronextLiffe) and New York (ICE / CS&CE)



Stock is clearly displayed in Qbil-Trade. You can easily select the stock per warehouse or per stock location. Whether it is internally stored stock or externally stored stock. You can view the stock per operating company but also the total stock.



Our mixing module is suitable for various processes of coffee, tea or cocoa. Such as blending, burning, drying, breaking, cleaning, sieving, pressing and grinding.



Our software helps you to comply with all (inter) national legislation and requirements such as HACCP, GMP +, Trustfeed, IFS, ISO 22000 and more in the field of (food) safety for humans and animals and the environment. 
In addition, our software is designed to register the processing of various quality marks such as UTZorganic, RFA, BIO and Fair Trade.



Our software supports you to monitor quality throughout the entire business process. Registrations and inspection reports like samples and cuppings and product evaluations can be processed and stored in our software.



Qbil-Trade® provides the traceability of all your raw materials and ingredients from purchasing, production, processing to distribution.

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