Within Qbil-Trade® the complete purchase and sales administration is entered: the processing of incoming and outgoing invoices. The processing of purchase invoices is fully automated by an excellent scanning and recognition solution including order matching.

In addition, Qbil-Trade® supports the reduction of financial risks by means of credit and position limits, integrated currency hedging on a contract basis, built-in checks and a personalized segregation of duties

There are numerous extensive reports that can be retrieved with real-time data, including stock, purchase and sales overviews, as well as a register with expected purchase invoices that makes the monthly closing of the accounting process very easy.

And do you have several subsidiaries? No problem, all reports can be filtered by operating company.

Profit and loss reports

With the profit and loss account you quickly gain insight into the revenues and costs over a certain period. You have direct insight into the real performance of your company. You can use the report per operating company, department, product or per trader.

Export Module 

With Qbil-Trade you have a clear line line between trade and accounting without having double entry. The financial export module: a smart link between your accounting software and Qbil-Trade. This offers you the benefits of an integrated accounting system, but not the disadvantages.

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