A lot in the news these days. Several companies affected by a ransomware attack. Malicious persons gain access to the IT systems of companies and only by paying a ransom can the systems be released again. A drama for the affected companies with an enormous impact on both financial and personal level.


How well is Qbil-Trade protected against such an attack?


Unfortunately, there is no panacea for these types of attacks. Naturally, we protect our servers and software with a solid defense system against both ransomware and malware. The security of the data within Qbil-Trade® is a continuous point of attention. From design and development to implementation of new parts. Operating system and application updates are implemented immediately. New developments, insights and technological progress force us to constantly adapt our settings.

A document has been prepared for our customers who want more information about our security measures. This document is only provided on request to authorized persons (management). Please contact Mark Ellis: mark@qbil.nl