Thorough preparation is half the battle!

We start by going through a very thorough checklist. This includes almost all possible functionalities: from date format to the cumulative or non-cumulative display of the totals in the position overviews.

Practice shows that this is an effective preparation.

Business process scan

Our years of experience has taught us that the business processes in commodity trading requires a very specific approach. Usually, a long planning process in advance is therefore not necessary. We are a specialist in your field. Before we get started, we go through all of the business processes with you. With the implementation of a new information system, such as the ERP commodity trade software Qbil-Trade®, it can be necessary to modify and remodel the business processes in view of quality assurance (ISO), compliance (GMP) or simply efficiency of the business processes.

Qbil is happy to support you in this and utilizes a pragmatic approach to do so. For the entire organization or a defined part of your organization.

Installation, configuration, conversion en implementation

To start we will install and configure the software on your server or, if you prefer the hosted solution, on your Qbil-Trade® online environment. Next, master data (the static data such as relationship data, product data, foreign currency and so on) , current mutations and, if desired, old data are entered in Qbil-Trade®. To do this you have two options:


A fixed contact person will be designated both at Qbil Software and at your company. The tasks and responsibilities will be specified in advance to make it clear to all parties who is responsible for what.



We take all of the work of the implementation out of your hands. An experienced project manager supervises the entire implementation process from A to Z and monitors the prompt and correct execution. Qbil Software also handles the implementation of the data. With this option you have no worries about the implementation and no pressure will be placed on your organisation.


Your employees will receive on-the-job training.

Of course there is more to an implementation. These include backup procedures, interfaces with other applications, testing, support, etc. Beforehand we will prepare a thorough and comprehensive plan of action. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

We are ready

To get to work for you!


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