Our module Logistic Control Centre, in short LCC is a piece of technology where all logistical movements are visible and that can be dragged and dropped. All the necessary information is visible instantly.
When an order has been made, all the amendments can be done from this screen. Even the invoices can be created from this screen.

When a load or unload date changes you can simply just drag and drop in this screen to the right dates.

It is also apparent which finalized orders have not been invoiced yet and these orders can be invoiced directly and sent without even leaving the LCC screen. On the right in the screen all product groups and products that are available on stock are displayed. Or if you work with silo stock then all the silo’s and their weights are displayed.

Clicking on a line shows the history of a stock or a silo. In case of a silo the history will continue until the last moment the silo went empty. Furthermore this module contains a messaging function and a mutation window. In case you have your warehouse and are also using our “own warehouse” module then the incoming stock, outgoing stock and stock movements appear real-time in this window.

Watch our demo video about our LCC module »

For more information please contact us directly at phone number  +31 318 502026 or send an email to info@qbil.nl.