Back Office & Logistiek

The back office or logistics, but sometimes also the traders themselves, ensure that actual deliveries or goods movements take place. They work from the menu orders ‘ON CALL’.

The origin and destination of the product and quantity are entered in the ‘on call’ order. For origin you can think of stock, stock location, silo or a purchase contract. The destination is the customer, silo, stock location or your own warehouse.

When creating the on-demand order, the planning is updated real-time with the entered transactions. Inventories are economically updated. And if required, a transport order is automatically created.

Other documents are also automatically created. Such as a delivery confirmation, packing list, loading or unloading instructions, way bill, bill of lading instructions, Halal, Kosher, health certificates and other documents. It is also possible to settle Chamber of Commerce and Customs formalities via Qbil-Trade.


Delivering the requested and available product at the desired time and right place is always a challenge. Managing the goods flows in the right direction is essential. Purchases, sales, deliveries, back-to-back and stock movements are clearly displayed in the planning of Qbil-Trade. You can see all planned goods movements at a glance. Incomplete goods movements are shown in red so that they do not escape the attention of your logistics. 

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