Forgotten your password? Or do you want to change your password? Please contact the user administrator in your company or contact our support department. However … to eliminate security risks, anyone can impersonate you by phone, after all, we never give passwords by telephone. You will receive your password by e-mail. We count on your understanding.

Deactivate former employees

An employee finds a new job. You say goodbye and wish each other all the best. All right. But sometimes an employee leaves less than graciously. Especially in the latter we would like to advise you to deactivate the user account in Qbil Trade®.

To do for the user administrator:
1. Log out the user from Qbil Trade®
2. Deactivate the user account

And ask your system administrator to deactivate the email address.

Generic user accounts

In the case of the use of generic user accounts (eg or we advise you to do the following.
1. Log out the user from Qbil Trade®
2. Change the password for the user account

It is wise to use a password that is ‘strong’ and does not resemble the old password.

Do you have questions about the above information? Please feel free to contact our support department.