​Planning overview

Do you have multiple assignments for a customer, transporter or supplier? Completely new: the planning overview! An overview in which all orders are clearly displayed for one specific transporter, customer or supplier. The planning overview includes order number, references, loading and unloading address and date, product and tonnage. Like the other documents, the planning overview can be sent directly from Qbil.

The planning overview now has the option to send by e-mail. A button is available for this functionality via the transport orders screen:

You select the period, relationship type and relationship. Then click on “Generate list”. You get an overview of the calls that are relevant or applicable:

e selecteert de periode, relatietype en de relatie. Vervolgens klik je op ‘Generate list’. Je krijgt een overzicht van de afroepen die relevant cq. van toepassing zijn:

Here you can select one or more calls, then click on the “send” button and an e-mail will be compiled.

An attachment is created and can then be emailed to the supplier, carrier or customer.

We will tailor the attachment, but you can imagine that this document contains columns as shown above.