About Qbil

Qbil Software B.V. was founded in 2004. That year we ran into a trading company in the dairy industry and quickly learned that no good solution was available for commodity traders. Companies invested capital in custom solutions or did the best they could with what standard software offered them.

By successfully anticipating this, we have gained a permanent spot on the software market for traders in commodities and ingredients. Our customers are located mainly in the Netherlands. But now Qbil-Trade® is also used across borders.

2003 | An interesting encounter via via

Hikmet Once is approached via-via to see if he wants to take a look at the highly outdated software package of a trading company… 

2005 | Foundation of Qbil Software

Foundation of Qbil Software, developer of Bouw-Fx construction calculation software and Boekware trading software

2006 | Hans joins Qbil

Hans Allis, student, joins Qbil Software for the further development of the software package Boekware

2010 | Relocation and Name change

Moving to a larger building. From Vendelier 43 to Vendelier 1. The name of the Boekware software package is changed to Qbil-Trade.

2011 | Version 3

The first “real” ERP solution from Qbil Software

2013 | Student off – Partner

Hans becomes a partner

2015 | India

Opening and establishment Yarikul, office in India led by Raouf Athar

2018 | Metamorphosis Software

Metamorphosis of user interface (UI) and set up of Qbil Trade

2018 | Exact

Exact becomes a partner of Qbil Software

2019 | New Office

Purchase and relocation to our new building at Landjuweel 16-4

2033 | The Future

We will still contribute to the growth of our customers by continuously improving and developing our software: the best erp software for traders in commodities, ingredients and additives.

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