Quality Management

The quality manager monitors and documents the quality of the products throughout the entire business process. On one hand by having the products tested and analyzed in their own or external laboratory. On the other hand by checking and registering the origin of the product. 

Our software supports you to monitor the quality throughout the entire business process. Expiry dates, certificates of analysis, laboratory results and quality controls can be processed and stored in Qbil-Trade®. 

To meet your standards

Our software helps to comply with all (inter) national legislation and requirements such as HACCP, GMP +, Trustfeed, ISO 22000 and more in the field of (food) safety for humans, animals and the environment. In addition, our software is designed to register the processing of various quality marks such as UTZorganic, RFA, BIO and Fair Trade.



Our software supports the quality manager to monitor quality throughout the entire business process. Shelf life data, analysis certificates, quality controls, laboratory results or inspection reports of, for example, samples and cuppings can be processed and stored in our software.


Extra module for the managing and monitoring of certifications. This module ensures that no contracts are sent to parties without valid certification in the system.



Qbil-Trade® provides the traceability of all goods from purchasing, production, processing to distribution. How? We are happy to show! Contact us for a demo. We can do that online! 🙂


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