Scan & Recognize with Kofax AP Essentials

Recognizable? Invoice processing: a time-consuming job

Are you still manually processing invoices in Qbil-Trade? It can be done smarter, more efficiently and cheaper. With Kofax AP Essentials™ integrated into Qbil-Trade®. A solution that uses OCR technology and that automatically processes all your invoices in the same way in Qbil-Trade. A solution that can save you a lot of time, mistakes and annoyance.


Kofax AP Essentials & Qbil-Trade

Kofax AP Essentials: a turnkey solution in Qbil-Trade to process invoices with scan & recognize (OCR) technology at lower costs and shorter lead times.


OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. This technology allows you to convert different types of documents into editable and searchable data such as scanned documents, PDF files or digital images.

What is Kofax AP Essentials?

Kofax AP Essentials is an OCR solution that automates the scanning, interpretation and archiving of invoice data. Whether invoices are paper or electronic, invoice information is intelligently extracted and validated according to predefined rules. The extracted data is transferred to Qbil-Trade where the information is accessible throughout the financial process workflow.

Kofax AP Essentials for Qbil-Trade includes:

  • Capture
    Recognition on header data
  • Line-items
    Recognize invoice lines
  • Workflow
    Invoice approval
  • Reports
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies

For companies that process more than 1000 invoices per year

Key Benefits

  • Minimize manual actions
  • You save time and therefore money
  • Less mistakes
  • Faster invoice processing – Recognition of invoices is becoming faster and better thanks to self-learning software
  • Reduction on paper and filing costs
  • Invoices are no longer lost
  • Scanned data is converted into the requested data for Qbil-Trade
  • Immediate insight into all your invoices
  • Better (real-time up-to-date) financial insight

Invoice recognition in 5 steps


The Accounts Payable software (Kofax AP Essentials) accepts invoices in many formats such as PDF and different types of XMLs. Uploading incoming invoices can be done in different ways:

  • Via the mailbox (preferably one mailbox per administration)
  • Via the scanner to the mailbox or folder
  • Upload files from a folder


The data is recognized on header (bank account number, supplier name or number, VAT number, Chamber of Commerce number) and/or line level (invoice lines, line items).


The creditor administration uses the verification module to check, supplement and confirm the data that has been read from an invoice.


Convert data into the desired file format (XML, PDF, etc).


The recognized and validated invoices are automatically forwarded to Qbil-Trade and linked to the relevant purchase order.

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