Simac Document Solutions is our new partner for scanning and recognizing incoming invoices. And the partnership between Qbil and Simac has been confirmed: the solution is currently implemented at the first joint customer Nutland.

Qbil and Simac about the benefits of this partnership

Mark Ellis (Financial ERP Consultant Qbil Software):

“Thanks to the partnership with Simac, we can now offer our customers a solution for scanning & recognizing incoming invoices that is seamlessly linked to our Qbil-Trade® ERP system. An investment that earns itself back quickly: in addition to saving time, there is also less risk of making mistakes, the loss of invoices and real-time insight into the status of your invoices. Either more overview and control. “

Dico Harteman (Sales Manager Simac):

“This invoice processing solution offers Qbil’s customers the opportunity to use a cloud solution that automatically recognizes at least 80% for paper, PDF or XML invoices. This usually results in a time saving of at least 40-70%. “