ERP Commodity software for Feed & Food ingredients

From flavor enhancers, herbs and spices to starches, proteins, fruit concentrates and sugars. We offer very good ERP software for commodity trading companies in food ingredients and additives. 

The Netherlands is one of the largest exporters of feed & food for human and animal food in the world. The international food market is growing strongly.

Due to the growing world population and increasing prosperity there is a huge increase in demand for more food. And thus also a growing demand for raw materials and ingredients for the food processing industry.

In recent years there have been both strong increases and decreases in the prices of raw materials. Due to competition from emerging markets or disappointing harvests. However, it is expected that due to the increase in the world population and the increasing demand, prices will increase. In addition to rising demand, companies operating in the food industry are also faced with an increasing number of standards and regulations. Consider, for example, HACCP. The pressure on corporate social responsibility is also increasing. Consumers expect healthy, safe and tasty food, but also look at sustainability, the environment, fair trade and animal welfare.


ERP Software for the trade in ingredients for food and animal feed

To meet the above challenges and to stay ahead of your competition, good software is essential. We have developed ERP trading software especially for traders and suppliers to the food processing industry (both for food and animal feed).

Your challenge

  • Stimulate trade volumes and margins
  • Taking care of volumes, deliveries, margins, contract agreements and execution and cost price calculations
  • Ensuring a healthy stock level and good trading positions
  • Pursuit of the relevant and applicable quality and food safety regulations

Our solution

  • Real-time overviews of your trading portfolio:
    • Positions (now and future weeks, months)
    • Stock levels
    • Prices
    • Margins
    • Currencies
  • Fast and efficient handling of goods flows and related documents (packing lists, delivery notes, transport, customs, Chamber of Commerce etc),
  • Quality control and documentation throughout the entire business process. You support to meet all (inter) national legislation and requirements (GMP +, Skal, ISO / FSSC 22000 (HACCP), BRC and more) in the field of (food) safety for humans and animals and the environment.
  • Traceability of all goods
  • And many more features »


ERP commodity trading software for ingredients and food additives

A large part of our customers are trading and production companies for food or feed. They trade in ingredients or process them into a semi-finished product or end product. Think of sports nutrition (nutrition), herbs and spices, flavor enhancers, starches, sugars, fruit ingredients (fruit pulp, fruit concentrates), nuts, confectionery, soups and snacks etc.

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