Software for commodity trade in milk- and dairy ingredients

From milk powders, whey powders and derivatives to butter, cheese or milk. Qbil offers a perfect software solution for every trading company in dairy ingredients and dairy commodities. 

Milk and dairy prices are strongly determined by international supply and demand. The prices can therefore fluctuate significantly.

We have developed ERP trading software especially for the dairy industry. We have knowledge of the milk and dairy ingredient market and understand the challenges faced by traders in dairy ingredients:

Your challenge:

  • Concluding contracts with suppliers and buyers
  • Monitoring the implementation of contracts together with the back office or logistics department
  • Optimization of sales and purchasing results
  • Responsible for achieving profitable margins
  • Covering financial risks

Our solution:

  • Real-time position list – direct insight into trading positions, your purchases, sales, production and inventory.
  • Clear contract management: purchasing, sales and back to back
  • Call off / forward contracts (framework contracts)
  • Track & trace of product flows
  • Clear planning
  • And many more features »


ERP software for import & export of dairy products and dairy ingredients

A large part of our customers are trading and production companies in milk and dairy products and ingredients. They trade milk, dairy liquids, milk powder, whey powder, dairy powder and derivatives, dairy proteins, cheese, butter and AMF, fat filled dairy products and customer-specific blends or blends. These dairy ingredients often form the basis for countless products in the animal feed and food industry.

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