Commodity Trading erp software for nuts, dried fruit and peanuts

Our ERP system is fully equipped for global trade, production (roasting, blending, cleaning, chocolating, etc.) and logistics in peanuts, nuts, dried fruits and rice crackers.

Buying and selling nuts, worldwide, in Europe or locally

Purchase and sales contracts & calls are processed in our system in no time. The transport and delivery documents are created automatically. The handling with customs, chamber of commerce and portbase can also be arranged easily and quickly from our software. With the handy logistical planning you have an overview of your goods flows at all times.

With our reliable position list you have real-time insight into all your purchases and sales, production and stocks of your various nut varieties, nut mixes, peanuts, crackers and dried fruits. This allows you to take stronger positions. You get more control or your trade.

Our erp software is suitable for both deliveries to retail and itinerant trade as to delivery to wholesalers and the food industry. National and international. Any packaging can be used such as bulk bins, big bags, boxes, bags, pallets, cups and buckets. It is also no problem to handle different weights (kgs / lbs).


ERP software for food safety: Nuts & Dried fruits

Our software fully supports you to ensure safe delivery in accordance with various food safety regulations and international quality standards such as: ISO 22000 and HACCP, SKAL, BRC and more.

Analysis certificates and quality checks are easily processed and registered in our software.



Our software provides complete traceability of all products and goods from purchasing, production to processing and distribution. Every raw material can be located in an instant.


Features & Specifications of our software include:

  • Real-time overviews of your trading positions:
  • Positions (now and future weeks, months)
  • Stock levels
  • Prices
  • Margins
  • Currencies
  • Contract management
  • Order management (calling)
  • External warehouse, external storage of goods
  • Own warehouse
  • Inventory management (items, lots)
  • Production (own management or outsourcing)
  • Currency hedging
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