ERP commodity software for the trade in oils & fats

In the trade of oils and fats it is often involves commodities with a strongly fluctuating demand on the world market. In terms of price, quality and availability. Whether it is mineral oil, vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Qbil Software is specialized in ERP software for the trade in vegetable and animal oils and fats.

Important for the continuity of your order portfolio is to have a good, real-time overview of your purchases, sales and stocks. For this we offer a very good position overview. This can be compiled entirely to your wishes. But we offer more.

Such as a production and mixing module (for grinding, pressing, blending and filtering, among other things), a very well-organized logistical planning but also, for example, the possibility of working with silo stock. We know that the silo value calculation requires a completely different approach than, for example, stock batches.

In addition, our software supports you to comply with all (inter) national legislation and requirements (HACCP, GMP +, Trustfeed, ISO 22000 and more) in the field of (food) safety for humans and animals and the environment. Expiry data, certificates of analysis, laboratory results and quality controls can be processed and stored in Qbil-Trade®.

We have the EGL module for trading companies that produce or trade products that are subject to duty, such as biodiesel and petrol. EGL stands for Excise Goods Location. With this module you can easily make the legally required electronic declaration of excise goods.

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