Our mixing and production module has been improved!

Do you add together several purchased products in order to produce another product? Is the traceability of the raw materials of interest? If so, then this Qbil-Trade module is of great value to you. You can mix a commodity with 10 other commodities and these 10 again with 10 others. You can always go back to the source with just a few clicks.

In the production screen multiple source lots are being converted to one or more new result lots. Your stock mutations are always amended correctly (including the calculation of the new value for the new result lots), and for production (own or others) a neat production command sheet is being generated in Qbil-Trade, which of course can be emailed or printed. Besides using lots for production additional information can also be given to the production order such as bagging, blending, sieving, homogenizing, grinding, bulking, cutting and more.

The costs for production are also specified here, which may also have an effect on the value of the lot. These costs run as expected purchase invoices the Qbil-Trade procurement process.

More information?

For more information, please contact us directly on our phone number, which is +31 318 502026 or our general e-mail address which is info@qbil.nl.