ERP Trade software for commodities and ingredients

The traders who use our ERP trading software always have the real-time position list on one screen. On the other, the contract screen is displayed to quickly create and conclude purchase and sales contracts. The trade contracts, also known as forward contracts or framework contracts, immediately enter the dates or months of purchase. And if applicable, the broker or intermediary and (currency) hedge contracts are also entered here.

ERP Trade software for commodities, raw materials and ingredients



No trader can do without. In one overview, direct and real-time insight into your purchase and sales contracts, stocks and planning. You see exactly what your trading position is: now, tomorrow, next week but also next month. Your trading position is always clear and transparent, which means that you can respond to market movements much faster.

The position list is compiled entirely based on your wishes. What exactly does that look like? Contact Qbil Software.



Purchase contracts are created here, also known as forward contracts. The dates or months of collection are entered directly in the contracts. Transport orders are also created here and any commission or brokerage fees are handled here.



Quickly create a quote and convert it into a sales contract. The dates or months of purchase are also entered directly into these contracts. Here, contracts and currency hedge contracts are also managed. With the push of a button a sales invoice is created including pro forma invoices.



Partial quantities of the contacts are ordered in the ‘order on call’, but also direct orders (or back to back) are possible. Origin, destination and quantity are entered. When it comes to origin you have to think of stock, stock location or a purchase contract. The destination is the customer, stock location or your own warehouse.



Especially for traders in milk and dairy ingredients: Dairy Trade Marktplaats. A marketplace within our Qbil-Trade software that brings dairy buyers and sellers together. Exclusively for Qbil Software customers.



The commissions owed are automatically tracked and calculated based on the quantity delivered or the contract quantity.



All important management information immediately available to you at a glance. In well-arranged graphs, diagrams and pivot tables. The dashboard is generated real-time from Qbil-Trade. This way you always have access to the most up-to-date state of affairs: insight into your positions, profit / loss, credit limits, currency positions and more.



Qbil-Trade® supports the reduction of trade and financial risks through credit and position limits, contract hedging, integrated currency hedging on a contract basis, built-in controls and a personalized segregation of duties. More information? Just give us a call 😉 +31 318 50 20 26



Our ERP software has much more to offer. We would love to tell you, but we would rather show you! 🙂 Contact us for (demo) appointment!


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