Two factor authentication (2FA) is an authentication method where you have to successfully complete two steps to log in somewhere. From now on it is possible to use 2FA to log in to Qbil-Trade.

By using two-factor authentication, a malicious person who holds your password cannot access Qbil-Trade. This is because in addition to your username and password, your smartphone is also required to log in.

On the user page we added a button to activate 2FA.


  • First of all, download the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone
  • Go to Qbil-Trade. Via the menu at the top right click on “account” and go to your user page.
  • Click on the button “activate Two Factor Authentication”
  • You will be asked if you are sure you want to activate it.
  • Clicking OK will display the QR code you need to scan with your phone in the Google authenticator app.
  • Scan the QR code in Google authenticator.
  • Now that the 2FA has been successfully turned on, a green check mark will appear on the user account screen.
  • Once 2FA is enabled and the user logs back in with username and password, the user is asked for the code in the Google Authenticator app.
  •  If the user wants to deactivate 2fa, go to the user account page and click the button “deactivation two factor authentication”
  • Click OK and the 2fa is deactivated


The 2FA function is available to everyone and is free of charge. We advise to make company policy that everyone uses 2FA. If someone leaves the company, the account can still be deactivated by the administrator, as is the case now.