Last Friday, November 1st we have moved to our new office. Just 200 meters from the old office.
The boxes are still packed and everything is still not in order but the desks are in place and the computers are connected so we can go for it! 💪 From now on we work in our new office! 😃

“Room for growth”

In the new building we can grow further and we have more space and facilities for giving training and workshops.

The office floor is 300 square meters in size and has two meeting rooms, an office and a kitchen on the ground floor. The workplaces are on the first floor where we all sit together in a cozy atmosphere. The top floor now serves as a recreation room but is ready to offer room to more colleagues in the future so that we can help even more trading companies with our software!


Curious how it turned out? As soon as everything is completely ready and looking tip-top, we organize a housewarming. An afternoon where everyone is welcome to take a look at our building and socialize with a snack and a drink. More information about the housewarming will follow!

Of course we also like it when you come by spontaneously. Coffee or tea is ready!